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We Watched A Thing (Formerly Bears on Film) is a weekly podcast in which best friends Billy and Topher, a visual effects artist and a cameraman, catch up to discuss a movie they watched that week.

With a wealth of film knowledge, a love of cinema, and a humorous style, find out what we've watched this week, and what we thought about it.

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May 31, 2023

Join us this week as we chow down on some bugs, spray y’all with blood, and attend some lovely self-help groups, all while discussing the new action-horror-comedy ‘Renfield’.

Renfield is a 2023 American comedy horror film directed and produced by Chris McKay, and written by Ryan Ridley from a story by Robert...

May 26, 2023


That’s it. That’s the shownotes.

Fast X (pronounced Fast Ten, also known as Fast & Furious 10 and marketed as Fast & Furious X) is a 2023 American action film directed by Louis Leterrier from a screenplay written by Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin, who also co-wrote the story with Zach Dean. It is...

May 17, 2023

When Billy’s away, the MCU geeks will play! So join Dave and the wonderful Julio as they catch up with the latest Marvel outing.

Find Julio and his wonderful show on twitter @ContrarianPrime or on their website

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (stylized as Guardians of the Galaxy Volume...

May 11, 2023

Welcome to required viewing, our lesson in things we haven’t watched that we should!
Join Billy and Dave as we count down more of our most underseen television shows of all time! Enjoy!

We Watched A Thing is supported by Dendy Cinemas Canberra. The best Australian cinema chain showing everything from blockbusters...

May 4, 2023

This week we’re chasing a chair, who’s chasing a cat, who’s chasing a worm, all while discussing the brand new Shinkai anime hit ‘Suzume’.

Suzume (Japanese: すずめの戸締まり, Hepburn: Suzume no Tojimari, lit. "Suzume's Locking Up") is a 2022 Japanese animated fantasy adventure film written and...