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We Watched A Thing (Formerly Bears on Film) is a weekly podcast in which best friends Billy and Topher, a visual effects artist and a cameraman, catch up to discuss a movie they watched that week.

With a wealth of film knowledge, a love of cinema, and a humorous style, find out what we've watched this week, and what we thought about it.

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Nov 28, 2021

This week we got down to Dendy for the Denis Villeneuve retrospective in the lead up to ‘Dune’. So join us as we meet our exact double (that dog has a puffy tail!), run away from some spiders, and try make it as an actor, all while discussing Villenueve’s 2013 thriller ‘Enemy’.

Enemy is a 2013 surreal...

Nov 24, 2021

This week I’m dreaming about the swinging 60’s, drawing some dresses, and heading downtown, all while chatting about the latest Edgar Wright flick ‘Last Night in Soho’, with the help of the awesome Paul from the Filmbusters podcast!

Find Paul and his great show at @FilmBustersPOD or...

Nov 17, 2021

Join me this week as I steal some art, from a guy who inexplicably sounds like Dumbledore, with Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and the Scorpion King, all while discussing the latest Netflix action-comedy ‘Red Notice’ with the help of Dan from Netflix ‘n’ Swill.

Find Dan and his great show at @netflixnswill or...

Nov 10, 2021

This week Topher is back, and we’re hunting for some spice, jumping on some worms, and whispering about the second moon, all while discussing David Lynch’s 1984 sci-fi ‘Dune’ at the request of a patron.

Dune is a 1984 American epic science fiction film written and directed by David Lynch and based on the 1965...

Nov 6, 2021

Join me this week as I live for thousands of years, yet seem to learn nothing, stop yet another end of the world, and ponder the state of the MCU as I discuss ‘Eternals’, with the help of Sam Hurley from Movie Reviews in 20 Q’s!

Find Sam and his wonderful show on twitter @MovieReviewsIn or on his website...